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This story take place in a cross era universe where the two world wars meet the european medieval crusades... The entire universe where the story take place is a fantasy world based on a darwinist approach rather than some creation myth,the frontier between modern science and magic is blurred,many races coexist under the same banner and the major factions are based on the cultures of european countries during medieval times. The story follows different charaters that tell their story from their point of view of the life in this harsh times of warfare, religious opression and political changes...


my thumb hurt

I am currently not drawing too much theses days because i have a thumb tendon sprain ( i dont know if its the actual medical term, english is my second language)

si i cant hold a pencil for extended periods of time and take the time to work on warcrimes
Also, a good friend of mine want to start a new sci fi comic and i becan making some rough sketches and write some ideas

might post it on smackjeeves eventually!

posted by Maeztro @ November 27th, 2012, 6:49 pm  -  0 comments

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